Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Best Part of Waking up...


I'm going to be in mexico the next two weeks, I'll try to post but I won't have a scanner so we'll see how that goes. Happy Holidays Art people.


A. Lewellen said...

Nice fist.

Brooks Golden said...

is he steaming his bones or did the heat from the drink turn his arm into cotton candy?

good stuff jere'

...answer my text foolio!

Nicky Dieter said...

This makes me recall a story... One day.. about 8 years ago.. while I was working in the RainForest Cafe (theme restrurant), there was a accident with the Jungle-Safari Soup. This real cute girl was walking around a corner in the kitchen, while one of the cooks was passing that same corner pushing a cauldron of piping hot Jungle-Safari Soup. Well now... a lot of screaming occurred and a bunch of us ran over to find her running away to a back office.. but on the floor she left a pile of melting flesh swimming in spilt Jungle-Safari Soup. To this day I live with one regret in my life, and that is not running back there to see a hand with no skin. FUUUCK that would have been nuts.

Dope piece. You should work on some narratives to match your work and release a story book. It would be a mega seller!

Jeremy said...


So i was talking with johan about the story behind this and we decided it best be left unsaid so that all of you (like brooks did above) could come up with your own story. So what I was thinking as I drew it is that the wrist meat was sort of just dissolving on it's own to form a therapeutic drink.

I'd like to come up with a book, but all of the narratives would just be awkward disjointed ramblings. Some people might dig that i guess if they thought it was legit.