Thursday, November 26, 2009

On my way to where the air is sweet.

Shoot, had some difficulty deciding do I draw Cookie-Monster, the first addict I came to know or the Grouch, the one that showed me home is whatever you define it to be. Fuck addicts, Grouch took it.

~We're queer we're here...the year is 1969! (Sesame Street theme)

...whats really up?...its was a bromance at its finest...

Be Golden

Snuffaluffagus Love

Only Snuffaluffagus knows his friend
the count can bring them all back to life.



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Mans Trash...

ink, acrylic and watercolors on watercolor paper

Of course I remember Jim Henson and his two most popular endeavors The Muppets and Sesame Street. Doubtless I spent countless hours watching both so I was a bit surprised that I don't really remember ever loving either. I enjoyed them for sure but neither affected me like other child hood movies, tv shows and books I can still site as influences today. To be honest Jim Henson and a good portion of his characters always gave me the creeps. Not sure why. In fact I recently watched a series of adapted fairy tales and Greek and Roman myths that were produced by Jim Henson Studios in the early 90's and those creeped me out too. There were two exceptions, Kermit The Frog and Oscar The Grouch but If those two green mofo's had a fight to the death, I would be rooting for Oscar. That guy had an influence on me. His furrowed brow, his I could care less attitude, his love for shit other people threw away (I could totally relate), his pet worm and last but not least his humble trash can abode. I loved that can and when Oscar ducked down in there I imagined an infinitely large alternate universe was inside. It was like the Tardis in there and as a kid that sent my head reeling. How could you have a space that was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. Clearly the fundamental laws of physics had no jurisdiction on Oscars can. For me that can was the most magical thing on Sesame Street. The fact that they never even made an attempt to show what Oscars life was like inside the can just made it that much more compelling. It was brilliant. Several decades later I bought trash cans just like that for my house. I bought one for my studio. I even painted a set black and used them as planters in my back yard. I used to draw them all the time. My first piece along the train line in Chicago was flanked by two trash can characters. All traced back to that can on Sesame Street. I've never thought of trash the same since.

Harry the Lost Muppet

Harry the lost Muppet

Harry really hated having a hand jammed up him telling him what to do and when he couldn't self medicate anymore he decided to cut himself open in an attempt to destroy his master.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tonight Nancey and I were babysitting some little kids we know and I figured what better variable to inspire me than the mind of a 2 year old. So basically I hung out going back and forth with Moises Casanova. We used some acrylic paints, some markers and some craft papers. Generally my doodle partners are 18+ but this was a truly enlightening experience. Young kid's hold nothing sacred and won't think twice before they start scratching and dumping all over what you just finished drawing. AND THIS IS SO BADASS. Then you're stuck because yeah they're doing their own thing and you wanna respect that but at the same time it's a whole other ball game, you can just as easily go nuts all over what they just dropped loose on you. So it's needless to say the experience definitely wasn't boring. Leave it to little dudes to shock, surprise, and make you feel like an old, playing it safe dweeb. So yeah when I got home I did a quick doodle on some more of the craft paper because the collabo got a lil too muddy for me and I felt that the bright ass craft paper would contrast it nicely. enjoy

PS. This is just one of many things I created with Moises tonight, kids are a non-stop cyclone of power when it comes to art. You just have to focus it or it will destroy everything in it's path. Just ask Sneaky T!

Reach on up and reach on in...

Inya Day / Paul Johnson flashbacks all week long...

Keep pushin on
things are going to get better
it won’t take long
keep-on pushin to the top

Once A Wizard...



~"Cuz, IT'S bigger than Hip Hop"

"what exactly is the "IT that dead prez speaks of...

Be Golden

Nothing in Particular

Mostly red ultra fine point Sharpie, some water color action and a bit of work from a Sakura pigma brush pen that is dying. I didn't try to makes this make sense I just started drawing with the sharpie, nothing in mind and figured whatever I ended up with I would block in with the watercolors. That's about it. Stuff like this I keep in a folder and when I get around to it I put them in whatever sketchbook I'm carrying around or into a big photo album, the hardcopy kind with the clear sticky plastic. I have a hard time throwing any kind of drawings away, I save most of them in some form or another. Most of what I consider my best ideas come about this way so naturally I wouldn't want to throw them out. The desk rig below.

Gotta love the mini water color kits, they go anywhere.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

War Machine


Something's Weird

I was working on this while riding the train this morning. It's a bit heavy handed for a train drawing but because the paper on this page is all messed up I had to draw darker lines just to see what I was doing. I don't know if it's the pencil (standard yellow No.2), the quality of the paper (standard cheap sketchbook) or the type of eraser (Tough Stuff Eraser Stick) but something was weird. Whatever it was, the page got all gummed up and no matter how hard I rubbed I couldn't get rid of my old scraggly pencil lines. Rats. So, I buffed the whole thing down with my sleeve, good call on wearing the black hoodie, then I pulled out some values with the eraser stick and deepened up the defining lines as best I could. If your thinking, man that is a lot of babbling about a little sketch done on the train ride to work, you might be right, but that's what's going on in my head. I'ts like the first battle of the day and I do get a bit depressed when I draw stuff whack stuff in my sketchbook and that's no way to start things off. So I did my best to work it out, seems like that what's life pretty much about most of the time, that's what we all do all the time. I don't usually talk up my process much, process is just how we get to where we want to be, it's also as far as I am concerned, the most important part. So if there is a place to go on about the minutia of what I do everyday as it pertains to something so integral to my life as drawing it would be here. At least I would hope so. The train rig below.

War & Death

When we all rise to be better men solutions without bloodshed will be adopted to policy. "If there is a next time, let us invest in erasable lead rather than a fresh crop of body-less head." 


ussr space cannibal

The cosmonaut captain's corpse partially eaten by his crew. Freeze-dried in the vacuum of space, floating amongst the beauty of the universe, light-years away from the war which led to the consumption of his soul.

~Its skeeter y'all...

..fixing his "hitters"

Be Golden

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heaven no, hell yeah.

Played a bit of the ol' fill-the-page for the halloween-theme. Here is a satirical sketch for all those saying "It don't make sense, goin' to heaven wit the goodie-goodies, dressed in white. I like black Tims and black hoodies." I'll revisit this sketch to do a finalized version.

I had forgotten just how much I hate "fill the page", the result is always clutter without purpose. Below is the revisited sketch. When in doubt I must remember K.I.S.S., keep it simple shit-for-brains.

Cancer Grimace McNugget

cancer grimace

I couldn't decide what I wanted to draw for the halloween theme. I didn't really want to do a traditional halloween creature so I decided to go in blind. There was some flourecent purple paint on my desk last night so I squirted some on and made a blob with some legs. I decided just to keep it a blob and just give it some crust, some boobs, a buldge, a perplexed glance, and some thick coils of chest hair. I use this technique quite frequently to brainstorm on the fly. It's fun to stare at the fill-in and imagine what's inside of it. So because of his shape and color some people were saying that he looked like a drug addicted cancer grimace. Others said it resembled a testicle. How would you describe this pimply sack of a creature?

I have been researching reborn dolls. They're pretty fucking creepy. They go for up to $1600 on ebay. On another note, look at this falcon. What would you think if you saw this thing on your walk to work? It's like some false idol of the South, a true American mascot.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Goblin Dream

Lucky Johan

~I Remember Halloween! (Halloween theme)

(click for a larger image)

Be Golden

Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Golden Photo