Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Angling for Asians

...overheard while sitting across from a group of college-aged asian women on the brown line this week. Asian Girl 1 of 4..."Who's yer boyfriend?", AG#2 "His names Jon." AG#1 He Korean, he go to our school?" AG#2 No, he's white, AG#4 have a boyfriend, what kind of guy you like? AG#1..."You know I like black guys...THEY'RE REALLY GOOD AT ANGLING YOU IN, YA KNOW"(making the pretending to fishing motion)...i averted my eyes and this is just 1 day on the brown line.

Be Golden
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Jeremy said...

needed one of those lures with like 4 hooks on it, coulda been in for a wild night my man

Brooks Golden said...

haha, dont wanna be with someone making too many generalizations...or do i? =)