Friday, July 2, 2010

~Featured Artist July: Phil Free Art

This fella happens to be one of my biggest influences from the early 90s, he made 90s rave fliers very cool, drawings of smoking hot girls something i still covet and his overall sense of the human form is something that i would put on par with Mode2 or someone of similiar caliber...I'll be posting a couple drawings by him all month, so be sure to check back...Let me present to you Chicago's own PHIL FREE ART --BG

For more japanime induced love check out phil's blog HERE


Javascript:void(0) said...

In art and sometimes is life, once you make something you're happy with... you become that which you are trying to be. In art - you become the artist.

Sometimes I should follow what I say.

Johan said...

Longtime favorite... I have a mini book from the 90's "Freeart" ...Excellent

Brooks Golden said...

really???? i must see it!