Thursday, February 11, 2010





Nicky Dieter said...

Diggin' these. Hoping you do a Siddhartha/Guatama piece! I have dreams about the Gautama. The last one he was in I was fist-fighting a bear and doing poorly. Guatama reincarnated as a bull walked pass us. Below is the detail journal entry of that segment:

"It's horns are great. In length, in shape, in color... although they
are worn and weathered they exude perfection. In all existence they
are seconded only to it's presence... glazed eyes, muscle packed to bone, drive unfettered, celestially-aloof. I am but an ignorant animal in the presence of Siddhartha the once brahmin, once ascetic, once samana, turned sinner, turned supreme buddah, and now bull. Always aloof. I see him and know that there is no thing in this world I know less about than about myself."

Lucky♦Johan said...

This sounds fantastic Nicky! I'm going to look more into this right now.

Brooks Golden said...

the strong contrast is doin good things to my eyes...