Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cancer Grimace McNugget

cancer grimace

I couldn't decide what I wanted to draw for the halloween theme. I didn't really want to do a traditional halloween creature so I decided to go in blind. There was some flourecent purple paint on my desk last night so I squirted some on and made a blob with some legs. I decided just to keep it a blob and just give it some crust, some boobs, a buldge, a perplexed glance, and some thick coils of chest hair. I use this technique quite frequently to brainstorm on the fly. It's fun to stare at the fill-in and imagine what's inside of it. So because of his shape and color some people were saying that he looked like a drug addicted cancer grimace. Others said it resembled a testicle. How would you describe this pimply sack of a creature?

I have been researching reborn dolls. They're pretty fucking creepy. They go for up to $1600 on ebay. On another note, look at this falcon. What would you think if you saw this thing on your walk to work? It's like some false idol of the South, a true American mascot.


Brooks Golden said...

Im lovin it...the wrinkles and chest hair really make it fun to look at...the sad expression and pipe make it a classic disgruntled american icon...

Johan said...

The colors and saggy boobs really do it for me. He could possibly be my favorite walking Mc.Tumor.

Brooks Golden said...

yea, the brown bits that blend into the purple really give this form and a weight... boobs!

Nicky Dieter said...

After the fame and glory, the last standing California Raisins.
"Oh I heard it through the grapevine,
Oh and I'm just about to lose my mind.
Honey, honey yeah."
Is that a stomach protruding on the lower abdomen? DOPE!

Jeremy said...

thanks for the positivity dudes. California raisin! Never thought of that totally looks like the reject raisin from the raisin factory floor!
I try to add nipples to any anthropomorphic creature thing I create it's one of the greatest things about being a human.